Average Calories Burned By Exercise Type:

30 Minutes Of Fitness Kickboxing:

290 - 400 CALORIES

30 minutes of Walking: 150 calories
30 minutes of Elliptical: 200 calories
30 minute of Lifting: 75 calories


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If You Want A Flatter Stomach & A Tighter Waist But Hate Spending Hours On The Treadmill, 
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Classes Offered 3 Times Per Week: 

Monday at 8:15pm, Tuesday at 7:45pm, and Thursday at 6:45pm

What Is Fitness Kickboxing?
Fitness Kickboxing Is A High-Intensity Interval Training Workout That Is The Most Sure-Fire Way To Melt Fat & Have Fun Doing It!

By joining our program, you'll stay consistent with your workouts. Our instructors will keep you Motivated and hold you Accountable. Classes blend Kickboxing, Cardiovascular Work, and Plyometrics.

Our System blends Boxing & Kickboxing Techniques with Cardio Exercises, Core Exercises, and Plyometrics to give you a Heart-Pumping, Calorie Burning, Full-Body Workout. You will be Challenged and Motivated.  And when you Persevere, You'll Feel Like You Can Take on the World!

Our Program Uses 10 Rounds Of Rotating Stations To Provide A One Of A Kind and Ever Changing Full Body Workout That Is Proven To Burn Calories And Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals.  

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